Original illustrations & lettering with a focus on mental health,

 self-confidence, and ethical responsibility.


I'd love to work on custom branding and illustration projects with like-minded individuals and companies that share similar values.

After working in the gift and stationery world for almost a decade, I felt a pull towards creating my own path where I could really explore subjects that were important to me without the limitations of representing a corporate brand.


By pairing bright colors and quirky hand lettering with deeper themes of mental health, self-care, and sociopolitical issues, I hope my work inspires others and brings comfort to those feeling like they’re alone in their struggles. 

In my spare time I like to cook vegan meals, tend to

my growing houseplant collection and hang out with 

my cats in true cat-lady fashion.


Let's Talk!

I am always looking for new opportunities to connect - interested in custom branding or

an artist collab? Need a custom portrait?

Looking for a mural artist?

(I'd love to paint on some walls!) 

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